Primary Pump packs

Quality, reliable and support

The ICEK Beer Pumps are the central "brains" of the ICEK event-infrastructure. Directly connected to the reefers the ICEK beerpump Pack can process up to 5.000 liters of beer per hour.

No worries and the best quality because of our invented way of pumping.

Our pumps complete with all necessary parts to connect to the brewery reefer. Due to the high-volume and full continuous beer supply to the bars, multi-outlet tap systems (raptaps) can be used with our infrastructure.


Base Pack
A Base Pack comes with 2 operational pumps and 1 back-up pump. It’s the minimum setup for a multiple pump event. Full on-site support is provided during start-up and operating hours of the event.

Expansion Pack
If more operational pumps are needed, an Expansion Pack can be ordered. The pack name consists of the number of operational pumps. For example, for 4 operational pumps, the Expansion 4 Pack is ordered. Effectively it consists of the Base Pack with 2 added operational pumps, for a total of 5 pumps (1 back-up included).
All necessary requirements (transport, set-up and removal, support, cleaning) are scaled to include the increased number of operational pumps

MEC (Mega Event Pack)
The Mega Event Pack consists of 2 operational pumps, 2 ICEK X4 Flex Coolers and two 115 meter chilled beer leads (python).With a performance of 4.500 liters per hour this is the power house that will keep beer cool under the harshest circumstances. The leads can be placed both above as below ground (see Ground Pack).

Support Pack
Should your event need extra support hours for beer infrastructure, the Support Packs offer onsite presence of one of our specialists for the operational hours of your event. This also is all-inclusive, so no surprises afterwards.

Our senior professional engineers have years of experience at the biggest festivals in the world. 
Our support engineers on site are well trained to create the best environment for your event or festival. 




Primary Pump packs

Peripheral packs

Innovative, crush resistance and cost saving

Aqua Pack
Preventing potential spill (waste) of beer remaining in long beer lines at closing time and at night during multiple day events, the Aqua Pack comes with a large (optionally cooled) water tank. This is connected to the operational pumps. At a certain time before closing, beer is switched off in favor of water. The water pushes the beer to the taps. At closing only a little bit of beer is left in the lines. This is tapped off until water comes out. For multi-day events, the next morning the process is reversed, with beer pushing out the water. As soon as beer comes out the tap, the system is cooled and prepped for another day of operations, with minimal spill.

KISS Pack (Keg Interchange Supply System)
If your event works primarily with kegs, the KISS system offers you a solution to have the best of both worlds, central storage of kegs and uninterrupted, high-volume, beer tapping. One single person can operate the system. Full kegs need not be manhandled, only the empties are set aside. The kegs stay in the cooling containers, preventing rising beer temperatures. The KISS system comes with a cooled buffer tank (various sizes available) and all the necessary plumbing. The KISS is hooked up to the water supply, so the leads are rinsed out for maximum hygiene, after each keg is emptied.

Line Pack
While the ICEK system can use traditional, insulated 8-10mm beer lines, it works best with our 25mm and 40mm beer line packs. Each pack consist of 2x 75m (25mm) or 1x 40m (40mm) heavy duty food-grade beer lines. More robust and better suited for high-volume beer distribution. Stainless steel couplings make for leak-free operation. As one ICEK beer line replaces 6 traditional lines, both space and installation time are reduced significantly.

Splitter or spider Pack
Allowing for splitting one 40mm connection into two 25mm connections, the Splitter Pack helps to further reduce beer line distances.
A 6-way spider lets you connect up to 6 traditional beer lines from the taps to a single 25mm lead.

Cool Pack
When bridging long distances in very warm circumstances, intercooling might be added to the infrastructure at strategic points to prevent too much increase in beer temperature, which would lead to foaming. 

Ground Pack
Our custom-designed plow allows putting beer lines in the ground (8-16” deep) without digging a trench. This way either shorter beer lines can be used and/or bars put in places where they were previously impossible or impractical.

Peripheral packs


Design and partnering

Some customers need special threatment. Thats why we have our own innovation team ready for you to build your special needs or we work together with the best partners in the event industry to satisfy your demand. Tell us what kind of service or products you want at your festival and we will deliver it with help of our trustful partners or even innovate a new product when it's not in the market yet. Just try it and ask us !