A better future

2018-12-15 02:27:42

We believe the future of our planet is very important. In our innovation department we develop products and solutions with respect of lower CO2 emissions and a better environment. F-gases are potent greenhouse gases that are used in all kinds of products, including air-conditioning and cooling systems. Our X4 cooler range is developed with a "green" state of mind. In all of our cooling products we don't use these these kind of gas anymore. At the developing of our beer technology materials we saved a lot of (power) energy and CO2 emission. To centralize and consolidate with our beerpumps and other packs you can save about 45% in power energy for your event or festival.

Ask us how we can help your company to be more sustainable in the future ! We believe everyone can make a difference for a better planet. Let’s do this together !