ICEK X4 Power

De ICEK X4 Power is a powerhouse when it comes to fast and durable cooling. Durable because the X4 consumes less energy than comparable conventional coolers with the same capacity and does this with environmentally-friendly R290 coolant. The X4 Power is optimised for high-demand beer cooling application. The Icebuffer provides an additional 3.7 KW to cope with varying circumstances.


Technical description X4 Power
Dimensions (L x W x H) 907 x 540 x 728 mm
Watertank capacity 61 liters
Weight Ice Block 45 kg
Isolation watertank Polyurethane foam
Max. number of Beer Spirals 6
Coolant R290 propane
Fixed temperature Python pomp 0 ̊C
Max. Python length 6 meters (optionally other lengths)
Power connection 220-240 V / 50Hz / 110-115 V / 60Hz
Power consumption (approx.) 820 W / hour
Cooling capacity in Watt (approx.) 2.400 W
Cooling capacity in Kilocalory (approx.) 2.064
Tap flow capacity (starting temp 7 ̊C) 700 l / hour (4 spirals standard config.)
Tap flow capacity (starting temp 24 ̊C) 110 l / hour (4 spirals standard config.)
Number of python connections 1