What Do We Do?

ICEK Beer Services, part of the ICEK Technology group of companies, is a company that delivers full-service Beer Technology for breweries and event & festival organizers. We utilize our own, patented, cooling and pumping technology. We have tested this technology extensively last year at various events, both large and small. At one very large event we compared over 40 traditional pumping and cooling solutions to our system. The results were very significant. Energy savings between 50 and 85%! and a very, very stable beer temperature, regardless of conditions, hose lengths or beer demand.

What Makes Our Solution Unique?

Our solution is capable of covering long distances of up to 200 meters and more and even vertical distances up to 30 meters can be covered. Another solution we offer is using high volume hoses up to 100 meter instead of running single beer hoses for every tap from the pumps. This means that we can often minimize the amount of space needed for beer storage at the actual event areas (usually relatively close to the bars) and just run a few more long hoses. A lot of innovations come together to deliver beer at the right temperature and pressure to the tap points.

What’s In It For Our Customer?

One of our major strengths, is that we can make bar placements and festival layouts possible that weren’t possible before. Also, with less storage points and longer beer hose runs you save on using valuable space for beer storage. By keeping the beer technology in backstage areas, you have easier access and the option of in-festival refilling. Add the logistics savings (how many kegs need transported, cooled and stored otherwise?) and it is clear why Heineken and ID&T have chosen ICEK Beer Services as their preferred supplier for Beer Technology.