Kegg Interactive Switch System (KISS)

The ICEK KISS Pack is a modern and dependable solution to use beer kegs in conjunction with the ICEK event-infrastructure. Depending on the configuration (one or two flavors simultaneously) the KISS Pack can process up to 3.300 liters of beer per hour. During this process the kegs remain in the cooling container and only the empty kegs need – minimal – handling.  Per beer storage container only 1 employee is needed to connect and change kegs. A KISS Pack is complete with all necessary parts, excluding a beer-certified, cooled 500 or 1.000 liter tank.  This tank will be supplied by brewery, wholesaler or beverage company. If necessary ICEK can facilitate rental, placement and operation of a tank. Due to the high-volume and full continuous beer supply to the bars, multi-outlet tap systems (raptaps) can be used. 

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